Search Engine Optimization In 2014

SEO-20142014 promises to be a very eventful year for SEO, following in the footsteps of 2013 – which saw major changes, including: encrypted search, the release of Hummingbird, and further releases of Penguin and Panda. There is no doubt that Google has taken major steps in fighting black-hat tactics, thus shifting the playing field for SEO professionals and anyone trying to improve their ranking. As a result, over the past few months the traditional methodologies of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics are changing at a drastic pace.

Here are some of the new SEO trends we’re seeing thus far in 2014

1. Content Marketing Has Essentially Replaced SEO
Content marketing has become a mature movement, rather than just a buzzword. Business owners and online marketers must focus on creating high-quality content that is based on solid keyword research and SEO competition.

2. The Importance of Social Media Continues To Grow
Social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, are playing an increasingly important role in helping boost rankings. Through implementing a smart social media strategy, brands can get their content in front of their target audience, boost customer engagement and increase traffic and sales.

3. Google Authorship Has Risen In Importance
Having a strong Google + presence is increasingly playing a significant role in helping achieve a solid SEO ranking in 2014. Establishing Google Authorship and improving Author Rank has therefore become a priority for anyone trying to get their business website on the map in 2014.

4. Mobile SEO
2014 has Google busy trying to keep up with continued rise in mobile internet usage. Any website that is not optimised for mobile can only lose. Many business owners and marketers have realised this, and are working hard to ensure that they have a responsive or a dedicated mobile website.

5. Spammy, Low-Quality Guest Blogging Has Become Counterproductive
Guest blogging was one of the biggest buzzwords in 2013, with marketers preaching the value of this SEO tactic in boosting credibility and brand authority as well as building links and many other benefits. However, the use of spammy, low-value guest blogging has been proven to be useless, and smart marketers are now focusing instead on utilizing guest blogging for the many advantages it offers.

6. SEO Has Become More Expensive
The demand for quality SEO company in London is increasing, as it becomes more difficult to create link-worthy content and achieve inbound links due to competition for online visibility – which has been rising across all industries. Marketers and business owners are realising the need to put in significant investments in SEO as well as re-evaluate the types of content they are producing, and actively track whether or not that content is helping them achieve their overall goals.