Signage for passing pedestrian traffic

Pavement SignsWe don’t tend to notice signs, our eyes skim over them, barely registering their presence. They are a ubiquitous part of the landscape, yet while we don’t realise it our minds take in far more than we think, and those signs actually do register on the subconscious level.

One of the key roles of most signs, especially shop signs, is to allow us to locate the building or service named on the sign. Signs that stand out in some way and catch our attention are always better – good signage means that people will remember the existence of your store when they have a need for your goods or service, and can attract passing customers into realising that they have a need they didn’t know about before they saw your sign.

One of the easiest things that you can do to increase the attention your shop signs are getting is to move them into the line of sight for passers by, using pavement signs or swing signs. These are both attention grabbing and stand out from flat store front signs, and are great for creating an interest or desire in your product in passers by, who otherwise might not clearly see your shop signs while they were in a position to enter your store. It is much easier to read shop front signs from a distance, which allows passing drivers and pedestrians on the other side of the road to see your shop signs, but not those passing in front of your door.

Swing signs are usually highly colourful, with a stand out logo, store name or short message. They are very attention grabbing as they move in the wind, allowing the motion to draw the eye of passers by to the sign. They are best viewed from the pavement on the same side as your store, and are typically visible from several stores away. They are usually coupled with traditional store front shop signs, ensuring that those in the best position to enter the store are aware of its presence.

Pavement signs are standing signs, typically up to waist height. Their main advantage is that they can be used to convey much more information than swing signs and other shop signs, and typically they will hold additional information such as specific brands sold in the shop, a menu or details of services offered. These signs are visible only to passers by directly outside the store, and are primarily to attract the attention of the passer by and create a desire for the products or services on offer to draw them in rather than continue on their journey. Outside of a restaurant or cafe they will typically be menu boards, or advertisements for a specific brand (such as serving wallis ice cream, or Lavazza coffee), while for those businesses offering services pavement signs offer the opportunity to give more information about the services offered, such as estate agents or legal services.