Time Is Money Especially For Your Sales

time is moneyIf you are a sales rep and not controlling your time, it may be costing you money.

When a sales rep is preparing for an upcoming sales pitch, on average it takes approximately 40% of their weekly hours, just to gather the needed sales information. Of course the time used in preparation will generally increase the presentations quality, but consider how much greater revenue you would be able to generate by increasing sales enablement by only 10%. Of course the real question is, what is the best way to go about increasing sales enablement?

First, let’s look where most sales rep spend their time:
• The sourcing of marketing materials takes approximately 2.3 hours a week
• Looking up and researching related information on clients another 5.8 hours a week
• Making sure the sales pitch is perfect about 6.4 hours a week

You could increase the hours you work each week from 40 hours to 50 hours or 60 hours or even more, and this would effectively increase your sales and time you have for face-to-face presentations. However, this is most likely not the way your company wishes to carry out their business. There is a better way, a better solution, that does not involve the increasing of weekly work hours, that way is automation.

Automation can be found in every industry striving to be more efficient, and what industry can afford not to be effective in today’s business climate anyway? With automation, streamlined processes need not take valuable employee time. Let technology do the work! Employees do not appreciate the kind of work that computers can do anyway. Any work that doesn’t make an employee feel valued is a liability if you treasure your staff. So let technology do the work!

Through the use of automated sales technology, sales reps within your company have the ability to expand their face to face time with their prospective clients, possibly as much as 10%. Can you imagine what could be achieved with increased efficiency of your sales staff?

Your sales reps would have the ability to:
• Close contracts quicker
• Make bigger sales
• On a quarterly and yearly basis close more deals

The technology for automated sales enablement from companies such as ROInnovation has been created to be easily accessed from laptops, PCs, and also mobile devices. How else could you possibly get a 10% increase in sales? Consider what that would mean to your business.